What country has the best holiday weather in September? What is the best time to visit Thailand? What is the sunniest location in Colombia? Climatemaps is made to answer these questions.

Climatemaps is an interactive map of global monthly mean climate data from land observations between 1961 and 1990 (IPCC climate grid data). It is a demonstration of a more detailed and interactive way to visualise climate data than the IPCC climate maps.


The IPCC climate data is visualised as a filled 2D contour plot, with vector contour-lines drawn on top of the filled plot. Both the filled contour raster plot and the vector contour lines are tiled and displayed on top of an OpenStreetMap map, on an OpenLayers 3 dynamic web map. The tiles allow to zoom in to greater detail, without losing performance.

Open Source

Climatemaps is a personal project by Bart Römgens. It is free and open source (MIT license) and uses open software and data. The code can be found on GitHub.

The following free and open source software is used by climatemaps,


Feel free to contact me (Bart Römgens) via my contact page. Report issues and suggestions on the climatemaps GitHub page.